Kitchen: Take Two

One couple’s adventure in kitchen remodeling


And the winner is…

Posted by kitchentaketwo on February 27, 2009

Just as I was preparing to order our new cabinets from Ikea (Adel Medium Brown), I took a trip to Lowe’s to peruse their countertop options. I’m not a huge fan of the laminates at Ikea, and wanted to get an idea of price.

Lo and behold, as I trek through the kitchen section, I see that the Kitchen Classics assembled in-stock cabinetry is on clearance! When I calculated costs for these cabinets a few months earlier, it was very close to the cost of Ikea’s cabinets. Not anymore! These babies are cheap, but they still look good. Spent a good part of the next day with super nice kitchen specialist who walked us through everything.

Finally, we bought our cabinets! They look a little darker/richer in person. And can’t beat the price! Less than $2,000 for our entire kitchen and two for the laundry room.

Our new cabinets!

Our new cabinets!

We had the Lowe’s contractor out Wednesday to measure and make sure the cabinets we purchased would fit – and yes! Our measurements were pretty accurate and they will. So now, our dining room is filled with new appliances and fully assembled cabinets.

The contractor will come out in about 10 days to tear out the old kitchen. Hopefully, we won’t have to do much electrical or sheetrock work. We’re pulling down our soffits, though, so who knows?


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