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Pepe and Co. or Our New Tile

Posted by kitchentaketwo on April 13, 2009

Scotty is a people person. I’m the first to admit it. He’s a people person and I’m not. And he can wheel and deal with the best of them. The combination is something to behold.

So I was thrilled, but not surprised, when he came home with a plan for our tile installation. We purchased our tile right after we got the cabinets in February from the Floor and Decor store in Arlington. It’s great tile – looks a lot like the travertine we have in both bathrooms – but was a lot cheaper. The plan was to have one of Scott’s old work buddies do the install, but he’s got a lot going on. So he recommended Pepe.

Pepe came by with his son to take a look at the kitchen last week and quoted us a great price for the install. (His son was so excited about los perritos! in the backyard – it was really cute).

Anyway, Pepe arrived Saturday afternoon with a crew of three other guys and they knocked out the tile installation in about four hours (it would have taken us weeks…) and came back again Easter Sunday to lay the grout. Pepe was a little intimidating. He was expressionless and didn’t smile, but he did a killer job on our tile. I tried to win Pepe and Co. over with Sonic Cokes but I’m not sure if it worked or not…anyway, we know who to call if we need any tile work done in the future. Backsplash, perhaps?

I could not be happier with the tile. It’s starting to look like a real kitchen!

New tile

New tile

New tile

New tile

You may be thinking: where is all their stuff? It’s in the living room. Yes, even the fridge. And no, I’m not posting a pic of that disaster area 🙂


One Response to “Pepe and Co. or Our New Tile”

  1. Sara McKinley said

    I’m loving the progress! It looks great.

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