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Pantries, Paneling and Molding, Oh My!

Posted by kitchentaketwo on April 27, 2009

Two weekends ago, Scott and I took out the old wood shelves in the pantry and patched the walls. Friday, I primed and painted, and on Saturday morning, we installed Elfa shelving. It was hard because of the tight space (the pantry is about 6 feet by 1 foot, with a 4-foot wide opening).  The shelves look good, and we created a space to hang brooms, mops, etc. so they’re accessible but out of sight.

Elfa shelves in pantry

Also that weekend, I installed the new bifold doors for the pantry. They come with all the hardware and are primed for painting which is great, but they’re not very straight. Not sure what to do about it, but they’re better than the old brown ones we took off.

Pantry Doors

Then on Sunday, Scott washed the cars and did some yard work while I installed our new beadboard paneling on the lower kitchen walls. We had pulled off wainscoting that was pretty dated, so the lower parts of the walls were bare. With a circular saw (my new favorite tool), a jigsaw, and a nail gun (another favorite), I got all the paneling up. I still need to put molding in the corners, on the floor and need to add a chair rail.

Then this weekend, I installed the baseboards and other moldings on the paneling. I’ve put up the chair rail where I could. Because it sits right next to the counter top in a few places, I couldn’t put it all up.

Speaking of countertops, they are being installed as I type this and I can’t wait to see the final product.

After they are completely installed, we can put the sink in, do the plumbing to the dishwasher and  finish the chair rail. Then, final caulking and painting the paneling and molding. It’s coming together!

Beadboard Paneling

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