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The Grand Finale

Posted by kitchentaketwo on May 14, 2009

Okay, this will probably be the final post – for a while at least. I’ve got a number of other household projects I need to work on, and if any of them are worthy of a post, I’ll be sure to add them. But I thought it’s only fair to provide some genuine After photos. If you started at the bottom of this blog, you saw the kitchen as it was when we purchased the house in 2006. Decent, working appliances, yellowed vinyl flooring and dark wood cabinets and wainscoting.





Then you saw it transform into a tan room with white cabinets…without doors. The cabinet painting was a fatal error on our part and led us to this most recent transition. Keep in mind, we didn’t have cabinet doors for more than two years. So, if you’ve never been invited over – that’s why.

White cabinets

White cabinets

White cabinets

White cabinets

We purchased new cabinets on Feb. 21. The old cabinets were torn out on March 11. New cabinets went in March 18. Lighting and tile floors followed. Then new beadboard paneling, baseboards and chair rail, new laminate countertop, new granite composite sink and hardware, plumbing, backsplash tile and finally all the appliances.

I wish I could say it has been easy, but this process has been one of the most exhausting, expensive, stressful and insomnia-inducing “events” in my 25 years. The good news? We’re both really happy with the result. And still married. And I think I may have a knack for hobbies that involve saws. Any sort really, I’ve become well acquainted with several (miter, circular, jig and tile, to name a few).

And now, for the AFTER pictures! Click on a thumbnail to see the photos full size.

Things I would have done differently if given the money chance:

  • Hired a pro to do all the electrical work.
  • Hired a pro to do the plumbing.
  • Not hired a plumber to put new valves in for nearly $400. I was dumb and let them take advantage of my eagerness to get it done. Expensive mistake.
  • Cabinet big enough for a trash can and recycle bin.

Things I love:

  • Subway tile backsplash. Cheap. Clean. Simple.
  • The countertop that was about $1,400 cheaper than granite and looks good to boot.
  • Huge single bowl sink.
  • Fresh white painted trim.

Drop me a comment if you love it, hate it or have any questions. Thanks to everyone who has helped us through this project!


5 Responses to “The Grand Finale”

  1. allison said

    hey did you the subway tile yourself? I want to do that in the new house. Where did you get it from?

    • kitchentaketwo said

      Yes, I did it myself. It’s just plain white 3×6 tile from Home Depot. Lowe’s also carries it. It’s 21 cents per tile, or about $1.70 per square foot. We ended up using about 200 pieces (you can get boxes of 100) for the backsplash. It wasn’t hard – just a little tedious to get everything even and cut to size. You can buy a cheap tile saw or rent one from Home Depot. Use mastic – not mortar (we used AcrylPro mastic that comes premixed in a bucket) to stick it to the wall with a toothed wall trowel. Then, you’re supposed to use unsanded grout a day later (use a rubber grout float for that). We messed up and got regular (sanded) premixed grout – but it still looks fine. Good luck – let me know if you want some help – or if you want to borrow the tile saw!

  2. Marla said

    What colors did you use for the walls and beadboard? I want the same color scheme as you had.

    • kitchentaketwo said

      I used Behr paint in Gobe Desert for the walls (available at Home Depot) and a plain out-of-the-can oil based white. Good luck, Marla!

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