Kitchen: Take Two

One couple’s adventure in kitchen remodeling


Kitchen: Take Two

Scott, Kara, Shelby and Cooper

Scott, Kara, Shelby and Cooper

This is the first foray into blogging for me – Kara Peterson. I’m a twentysomething living in Fort Worth, Texas, with my husband Scott and two dogs, Shelby and Cooper.

We were married in March 2006 and purchased our first home just a few months after that. Since then, we’ve painted, tiled, demolished, built and installed more than we ever thought we would. With some help from friends and family, and a handyman or two, we’re nearly satisfied with our humble abode.

But, the work is never done. Still to do? Baseboards and molding throughout, getting rid of popcorn ceilings (about half the house has them now), more painting, and last but not least – the kitchen!

Scott and I both work full-time and enjoy spending time with our dogs, going to movies and eating out – especially Mexican food.

Needless to say, we’re not always motivated to work on the house. Hopefully, this blog will keep me accountable and working toward our goal –  a finished house we can be proud to show off to our friends and family!


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